How to contribute

How to contribute

Writing Articles

Start by writing interesting articles, the content should intermediate to advanced (avoid how-to style articles). Follow the steps below for our contribution workflow.

Forking the repo

  • Create a personal fork of the project on Github.
  • Clone the fork on your local machine. Your remote repo on Github is called origin.
  • Add the original repository as a remote called upstream.
  • If you created your fork a while ago be sure to pull upstream changes into your local repository.
  • Install jekyll and the related gems.

Adding a new article

  • Create a new branch for the new article to work on! Branch from from master.
  • Add a new file under _posts with article date-name.
  • Preview your changes locally through bundle exec jekyll s.

Adding code

  • Inline code can be added through `` .
  • For block codes, you can use the highlight block.

Adding images

  • Create a folder under assets/img named as your github username.
  • Add your image in that folder.
  • Image can be added using this code
![Image title](/assets/img/username/image-name.png)


  • Push your branch to your fork on Github, the remote origin.
  • Create an issue on leetspeek repo following the Issue Templates.
  • Second publish your PR, you can tag members for Peer review too.